Responsible Gambling

Ensure You Play Responsibly

Responsible gaming/ gambling is a therm you can see very often - but don't be fooled, it is indeed a very serious matter. We, at LottoRanker do care about and promote responsible gaming above everything else. We are not here to promote gaming and playing lotteries, but we are here to offer a safe environment to play.

Never forget that playing the lottery is an exciting and fun free-time activity. It should not affect your personal life and personal savings, and it is nor a way of getting rich. One should not expect to get wealthy because of playing lotteries.

Why You Should Play Responsibly

  • Maintains the fun in playing
  • Helps you manage your finances
  • Helps to maintain a healthy relationship with people and family around you

Responsible Gaming

What are the main pillars of responsible gaming?

  • Having a defined and strict budget
  • Avoiding emotion when playing
  • Seeking help if you feel like you are slipping

Slipping down the road is more common that one would expect, but it can cost relationships, money and other wealths. Knowing when to stop is a value that a player has to develop if they want to play safely. If you know someone who is showing signs of gaming addictions, there is always a way out. You can learn more about gaming problems here: