Your Lotto 6 Guide 2023

Lotto 6, popularly Takarakuji in Japan, is one of the most prominent Japanese lottery games. The lottery was founded in 2000, and its first draw took place on October 5 in the same year. This lottery enjoys immense popularity in Japan and beyond. Lotto 6 is particularly appealing to lottery players because of its high jackpot amounts. The minimum jackpot amount is usually ¥200 million, an equivalent of about €1.6 million. Another reason players find Lotto 6 attractive is because the tickets are relatively cheap.

Each ticket costs only ¥200, which is approximately €1.6. The lottery also allows punters from several countries to participate. That is made possible via the online platform where gamblers can buy valid tickets from anywhere in the world.

How to play Lotto 6
How to play Lotto 6

How to play Lotto 6

Lotto 6 is a progressive jackpot lottery. That means that if no one wins the lottery, the jackpot amount is rolled over to the next draw, growing in size quite significantly. However, Lotto 6 limits the extent to which the jackpot can grow. The maximum win lottery amount is ¥600 million.

The lottery also offers four other non-jackpot prize tiers, giving punters additional opportunities to win. The draws usually take place twice each week at the Tokyo Lottery Dream Museum.

Figuring out how to play the lottery online is quite easy, even for newbies. To play Lotto 6, punters must first purchase tickets. The tickets are usually available in retail lottery shops. There are more than 15,000 lottery retailers in the country.

Another alternative method of buying tickets is via ATMs of a few Japanese banks that collaborate with the lottery. However, foreign-based players have the option of purchasing a lottery ticket online. Ticketing agencies also come in handy for newbies who cannot check lottery tickets online.

After purchasing tickets, punters need to choose six unique numbers from 43 numbers available on the tickets. The number combinations determine the winning ticket. It is also possible for players to purchase many tickets from an online lottery site and select varying numbers on each ticket to increase their winning chances.

After successfully buying tickets, the punter must wait for the next draw to determine whether they have won. Lotto 6 draws usually take place every Monday and Thursday of every week.

Lotto 6 wins

During Lotto 6 draws, a drawing machine called Yume Lotto-Kun usually selects winning numbers. A total of seven numbers are drawn. A punter must have a ticket with lotto numbers matching the first six drawn numbers to win the lottery jackpot.

The bonus ball is usually used to award the second-tier prize. For that, a punter needs to match five of the first six winning numbers plus the bonus ball. That means still matching a total of six numbers. The third, fourth, and fifth prize tiers are won by matching five, four, and three numbers, respectively. The results of the draws are usually published on the lottery site online.

In case of a win, players need to contact the lottery to receive their winnings. The amount won determines the channel through which the lottery will make the payment.

The winnings can be sent through secure payment methods such as direct bank transfers for relatively small amounts. For higher amounts, such as the jackpot, players must present themselves at the lottery headquarters to collect checks for their winnings. For cases where there are many winners, the prize is usually split equally among all the winners.


Lotto 6 gameplay is subject to some terms and conditions. Failing to observe the terms and conditions might result in players forfeiting their winnings. For instance, these rules explicitly define how old do you have to be to gamble. Of course, punters must be 18 years or above to gamble legally.

The players must also be from a country that legally allows players to participate in lotteries. Punters must purchase tickets at least thirty minutes before a draw for the tickets to be valid. Players who win have only twelve months to claim their winnings.

How to play Lotto 6
What are the odds for Lotto 6?

What are the odds for Lotto 6?

The chances of winning the jackpot in Lotto 6 are pretty low. However, when the odds are compared to other lotteries worldwide, including major online lottery sites, they are surprisingly among the best. Players also do not need to match the seventh ball draw to win the jackpot, which makes the odds of winning the jackpot even better.

That is why the Lotto 6 jackpot is won more frequently. However, the jackpot amounts for Lotto 6 are relatively lower than the jackpots for those with lower winning odds. Below is a breakdown of the winning odds for all the prize tiers of Lotto 6.

The jackpot has winning odds of 1 in 6,096,454 for a prize ranging from ¥200 million to ¥600 million. The second prize level has winning odds of 1 in 1,016,076 for an estimated winning of around ¥10 million. The odds for third-tier are 1 in 28,224, for an estimated ¥250,000. The last two tiers have odds of 1 in 610 and 1 in 39 for prizes of ¥6,800 and ¥1,000, respectively.

The winning odds stated above are based on a single ticket per punter. When punters purchase more tickets for the same draw, their odds of winning improve. That probably is what makes many punters form or join gambling syndicates.

What are the odds for Lotto 6?
Apps to help you play Lotto 6

Apps to help you play Lotto 6

Ticket Apps

Lotto 6 players can easily and conveniently use several apps to purchase Lotto 6 tickets. These apps ease the burden of making long queues to buy tickets.

They also come in handy for players who don’t know how to buy a lottery ticket online. Some ticket apps usually offer bonuses for players who use the apps frequently. The apps also introduce more payment options for purchasing tickets.

Number Generator Apps

Number generator apps help players find the best lottery numbers for their tickets. Such apps come in handy for players who buy numerous tickets for the same draws, helping to spread the winning chances better.

Results Apps

Results apps are mainly designed to deliver lotto results from draws of various lotteries. A punter who buys an online lottery ticket and uses results apps does not need to visit different sites to find lottery results. Some results apps also store ticket numbers and automatically check for winning tickets.

Streaming Apps

Streaming apps are particularly useful for players who prefer watching the online lottery draws as they happen. Such apps make it possible for such players to watch the draws on their mobile devices with only a few taps. Most of them also double up as results apps.

Apps to help you play Lotto 6